Brynne Levy is a performer and elevatED certified pole instructor based in New York City. Formerly a competitive Irish dancer, Brynne first discovered the aerial arts in 2010. As her primary discipline, pole in particular spoke to her passion for the creative arts and offered her a new vocabulary of movement with which to express herself.


Brynne has been a core instructor at City Pole Tribeca in NYC and The Phoenix Dance Studio in Charlottesville, Va. She currently teaches at Sweet Water Dance & Yoga in the Bronx.

Brynne was a Finalist in Pole Fusion Brussels (2016). She is also a PSO Atlantic Pole Level 4 Champion (2013), and 1st Place winner in Candy & Chrome (2012).

Brynne has a background in Behavioral Neuroscience and a degree from The University of Virginia in Studies in Women, Gender, & Sexuality. She is a graduate of the Work Study Program at Body & Pole.


Brynne is particularly interested in movement as a mindful, meditative practice and aims to help her students cultivate a loving appreciation for their own bodies both in and out of the studio. Her mission as an instructor is to create a safe space for her students and to build a foundation for play.



Brynne is an instructor and brand ambassador of Finding Your Freestyle, an immersive movement practice, learning experience, and apparel line developed by Tracee Kafer. Brynne's choreography and performance draw from her freestyle explorations, her competitive dance background, and a lifelong involvement in theater, music, and the visual arts. She feels most inspired in the studio and on the stage when she is able to share her passion for movement, artistic expression, and self exploration with others.