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Pixel Witch

With this photo concept in mind, I bought several different types of gauze in search of the perfect weave. I stained the gauze with coffee in a pot on the stove and then hung it to dry from the hooks on the back of my bathroom door. My bathroom smelled of stale coffee for the next couple days (sorry, roommate), and the gauze still smelled like coffee when we wrapped it around Pixel's head on the day of the shoot (thanks for tolerating me, Pixel). I discovered the necklace and earrings on sale at a cheap accessories store (which has since closed) in the West Village. I found the long string of pearls and rhinestones, sold by the yard, at a trimming store in the Fashion District. This decorative strand was by far the priciest embellishment in this image, but once it was draped around Pixel's head and shoulders, it really tied all of the pieces together.

Katy Ramirez did a lovely, glowing makeup look that translated well to the muted tones of the final image. I especially love the paint details she created on Pixel's expressive hands.

Here's a peek behind the scenes of our shoot, filmed and edited by Lamont Richardson:

You can find more images from this shoot in a previous post, where we used cellophane to capture spectral reflections of light.

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